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Air Shower Specifications

Air Shower Specifications

1 Dimensions WxDxH :  900x1000x2000 mm (Inner Area)
WxDxH: 1400x1075x2150 mm (Outer Area) Or Customized
2 MOC Galvanized Iron Powder Coated / Stainless Steel 304
3 Blower Assembly

Dynamically And Statically Balanced Motors And Blowers


4 Motor Make Eyaani
5 Nozzles Made Of Stainless Steel Rotating And Adjustable Fixed Either Side Of Wall And Top Ceiling Velocity 70 Meters/Sec
6 Blower CFM 25-30 Meters/Sec
7 Face Velocity 20-22 Meters/Sec (3937-4330 FPM)
8 Air Flow 20-22 Meters/Sec (3937-4330 FPM)
9 Class 10000
10 Interlocking of Doors Interlocking Facility Of Doors, One Door Lock Automatically When Other Is Opened With Electromagnetic Lock, With Timer Setting
11 Flooring Aluminium Checker Sheet Anti Skid Or Stainless Steel
12 Door Frame Made Of Stainless Steel / Galvanized Iron Powder Coated Interlocking Facility, Half Toughened Glass
13 Hingle, handle Make Harrison/Godrej Or Equivalent
14 Light LED
15 Prefilter Washable Prefilter Down To 10 Microns, Particulate At An Efficiency Of 90% Duly Tested
16 Hepa Filters With 0.3 Microns Particulate Of 99.978% Efficiency And DOP Tested, Frame Of Aluminium, Microfiber Glass Media Epoxy Sealed, Non Washable
17 Operations Automatic Actuation Operation and Adjustable Timer Trough Microprocessor Based Controller
18 Noise Level Less Than 75 Db
19 Safety Emergency Switch In Chamber
20 Electric Supply Work On 220v AC 1 Phase Or 3 Phase (To Specify)


Inner Size: (W X D X H)

  • 900 x 1000 x 2000mm (2 Persons)
  • 900 x 1500 x 2000mm (3 Persons)
  • 900 x 2000 x 2000mm (4 Persons)
  • 900 x 2500 x 2000mm (5 Persons)
  • 900 x 3000 x 2000mm (6 Persons)
  • 900 x 3500 x 2000mm (7 Persons)
  • 900 x 4000 x 2000mm (8 Persons)
  • 900 x 4500 x 2000mm (9 Persons)
  • 900 x 5000 x 2000mm (10 Persons)


Air Shower Features

The Interlocking Doors prevent unnecessary contamination inflow and thereby prevent Cross-Contamination of the Clean Room and the Air Shower. A power failure Safety Feature automatically releases the Doors in the event of a power failure for Operator Safety. LED lighting Fitted into the Ceiling. In Addition, an Emergency Stop Button is Fitted in the Air Shower Chamber which releases the Door Lock for Exiting.

Air Shower Clean Room

Accumax India Air Shower protects your Clean Room environment from unwanted Contamination. Clean Garments become contaminated during the Gowning / Ungowning Process, and because of high traffic in the Gowning Area. The contamination problem is amplified when the Same Garment is worn several times or is taken on and off numerous times during the Day. Air Shower is an effective method of removing this Surface Contamination. Otherwise contamination will be carried directly to Clean Room and deposited on products and Clean areas by coming off the Surface of the Garments. The Air Shower is constructed of Galvanized Iron Powder Coated / Stainless Steel. The Units provide Air flow through adjustable Nozzles of Stainless Steel. The Unit can be Shipped knocked down or completely assembled. All parts will fit through a Standard Door in Knock Down conditions. Service to the Blower Motor and Filter is carried from inside the Air Shower or from The Top.
Air Shower is a High Velocity, Low Pressure Type System, Providing a normal entrance to And Exit From a Contamination Controlled Area. Air Showers Supply Concentrated HEPA Filtered Air In High Velocity Jets that lift off Contamination while an individual Stands in or walks through, The Specially Constructed Air Chamber. When the Unit is activated, Pressurized Filtered  Air Streams From Adjustable Nozzles. The nozzles are arranged on walls and Ceilings in a uniform pattern to ensure effective distribution of Filtered Air. The closed loop circulation design Directs Contaminated Air Downward through Grills and Hollow walls of the Air Shower and back to the Filter, which removes 99.99% Of All Particles Down To 0.3 Microns.


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Air Shower Tunnels

Air Shower Tunnels are protected passageways that allow large quantities of personnel to pass into controlled areas. Air Showers and Tunnels supply concentrated CLASS 100 sterile air flows to remove contamination while an individual stands in or walks through a specially constructed air chamber.Accumax India design and manufactures high quality Clean Room Air Shower Tunnels.

Air Shower in Pharmaceutical industry

The idea of setting up Air Shower system is to control the risk of spreading contaminants in the cleanroom environment by removing particulate matter on the personnel by throwing class 100 airflow. The air shower machine throws high velocity HEPA filtered air through jet nozzles which removes particulate matter (includes solid and liquid particles suspend in air and some of them are hazardous in nature). The contaminated air is again filtered and re-circulated. With-in seconds, the person entering into air shower comes out entirely clean i.e. free from harmful dust. Electronics and Pharmaceutical productions are some of areas where air showers are widely used.
Accumax India is a leading ISO and CE certified Air Shower manufacturers in India. We have in house facility of design, construction and installation of air shower entry systems for laboratories, clean rooms and manufacturing areas etc. These systems are carefully constructed at our factory, tested at various parameters then dispatched to the client's site. Our Air Shower Chambers are designed with corrosion resistant materials (Stainless steel or powder coated MS), fitted with easy to use controls and safety arrangements; filters are easily replaceable whenever required.

How to Select an Air Shower for Decontamination Purposes?

Decontamination air showers are generally used for cleaning gowned personnel before entering a clean environment. However, they are also used to remove particulates from workers as they leave hazardous work areas and mingle with the general public. Further, an exit decontamination air shower can prevent cross-contamination when moving from one workspace to another.



Installation Requirements
1.Power Supply: Generally 220V-240V, single-phase or three-phase.
2.HVAC Integration: Must be integrated with the cleanroom HVAC system for proper pressure balancing.
3.Maintenance Access: Easy access to filters and internal components for regular maintenance.


Get clean room air shower specifications and price from Accumax India 

Accumax India is a prominent clean room Air shower manufacturer based in New Delhi.We customize and design Air shower according to the need of our customer.We supply in not only in India but also in middle east countries.To Buy high quality air shower kindly contact us.Accumax India offers Air Shower at a fair price(cost) with excellent warranty terms in India,Asia and middle east countries. We design and manufacture a full line of standard and customized air showers, as well as Pass BoxPortable Clean Room and fan filter units, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What material is Air Shower?

Accumax India manufacture Air Showers constructed of Stainless Steel.


2. What is the size of an Air Shower?

The standard size of an Air Shower is 900x1000x2000 mm (Inner Area) and 1400x1075x2150 mm (Outer Area)


3. What is the cycle of an Air Shower?

This is one of the important aspect of an Air Shower effectiveness.Studies suggested that 20-30 seconds of Air Shower is effective to remove contimantion 


4. What are the advantages of integrating cleanroom air showers in controlled environments/ facilities?

Installation of Accumax India cleanroom air showers enables seamless entry/exit of personnel in and out of the controlled environment. The “scrubbing” effect of the high-velocity air showers on particulate matters or surface contaminants allows mitigation of potential cross-contamination; thereby increasing cleanroom and process integrity.
5. Can Accumax India cleanroom air showers measure the differential pressure across filter?
Standard models of Air Shower are not designed with a device to measure and display differential pressure across filter. Upon client request, Accumax India can customize cleanroom air showers to have add-on magnahelic gauges to display differential pressure value across filters.


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