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Biosafety Cabinet manufacturer in Delhi

Biosafety Cabinets are designed to meet most demanding biological applications. These cabinets are useful where personal, product and environment protection is necessary. They help in containing unwanted, dangerous and infectious agents. The air flow system they follow is 70% air recirculation and 30% air exhaust.


Biosafety Cabinets manufactured by Accumax India are combination of quality construction, rugged design and comfortable working. Each cabinet is designed to provide maximum protection to operator, product samples and surrounding environment. Having equipped with high quality and branded HEPA filters they offer efficient contaminant protection. All over biological safety cabinets are made with 10 degree sloped front in order to provide maximum operator comfort. Stainless steel workbench lets you easily clean the bench after experiment. The external body is made of powder coated MS which features corrosion resistant surface and prevents microbial and bacterial growth on the cabinet walls. Each part of the equipment is nicely designed and fabricated ensuring you are buying genuine product at very economical price in India.



This Type Of Biosafety Cabinet No Circulation Takes Places Inside Workspace And The Blower Will Exhaust All The 100% Of The Filtered Air.



Made Of Galvanized Iron Powder Coated / Stainless-Steel Sheet. The Work Zone Having Negative Pressure While A Microprocessor Controls Cabinet Functions. Further, An LCD Panel Is Fitted To Display The Monitoring Of The Cabinet Air Flow And A Blower Run Meter Is There To Track Operating Life.



Fitted With Light With Optimal Wattage Ultra Violet Light To Ensure High Level Of Cleanliness Before Operation.


Noise Level

Deliver Extremely Low Noise Level Of Less Than 70 db And Also Provide Minimum Vibration Levels.


Filter Assembly

Equipped With Synthetic Pre-Filter Unit Washable And High-Efficiency Filters (Secondary) That Are Made Of Mini Pleated Hepa Non-Woven Fabric. The Filters Deliver An Efficiency Rating Which Is 99.99% At DOP (Cold) And 99.97% At DOP (Hot). Can Hold All Suspended Particles Of Size More Than 0.3 Micron.


Motor And Blower Assembly

Fitted With Balanced Motor And Blower. The Assembly Comes With The Rating Of ¼ HP.


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Accumax India biosafety cabinets are maintained in high-quality standards, best in design,and innovative as well. We believe to provide a high level of protection to operator, sample and surroundings with advanced technology.With an intensive track document of protection, reliability and performance,we make best biosafety cabinets.If you are interested contact us.