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In this type of Biosafety Cabinet no Circulation takes place inside Workspace and the Blower will Exhaust all The 100% of the Filtered Air.


Made of Galvanized Iron Powder Coated / Stainless-Steel Sheet. The Work Zone Having Negative Pressure while a Microprocessor Controls Cabinet Functions. Further, an LCD panel is Fitted to Display the Monitoring of The Cabinet Air Flow and a Blower Run Meter is there to track operating life.


Fitted with Light with Optimal Wattage Ultra Violet Light to ensure High Level of Cleanliness before Operation.


Noise Level
Deliver Extremely Low Noise Level of less than 70 db and also provide Minimum Vibration Levels.

Filter Assembly
Equipped with Synthetic Pre-Filter Unit Washable and High-Efficiency Filters (Secondary) That are made of Mini Pleated Hepa Non-Woven Fabric. The Filters Delivers an Efficiency Rating which is 99.99% at DOP (Cold) and 99.97% at DOP (Hot). Can Hold all suspended Particles of size more than 0.3 Micron.

Motor And Blower Assembly
Fitted with Balanced Motor and Blower. The Assembly comes with the rating of ¼ HP.

In Addition to normal feature of Biosafety Vertical Laminar Flow, It Is provided with Following Unique Features:

  • 100% Exhaust
  • Sliding Sash - Renders Unit Convertible for use as a Conventional Vertical Laminar Down Flow Clean Air Work Station
  • Filtered  Exhaust - Protects Ambient Environment, and avoids Build Up, Air Borne Particles.
  • Glove Ports and Gauntlets- Permits Working With Medium to High Risk Organisms, Pathogenic Cultures or that Tend to Aerosolize In Unknown Concentration  
  • Built In U.V. Germicidal Light-facilitates Sterilization of Working Area Before And After Use
  • Cock-For Gas, Air Or Vacuum  

 Biosafety cabinet Class II, Type B2 Specification:


Class 100


90 Feet / Min±20

Noise Level                  

65 Decibels ± 5% On A Scale

Hepa Filter                 

Media Glass Fiber Paper-Imported

Particle Retention              

0.1 Micron


99.999 %

Pressure Drop                   

23 mm Wg      

Size-At Exhaust               

6”x  6” x 6”


Non Woven-Synthetic Polyester

Particle Retention            

10 -15 Micron



Pressure Drop                  

6 mm Wg      

Blower Assembly          

By 1 No ¼ Hp, Single Phase, 1440 RPM Motor, directly coupled with a pair of Aluminum Centrifugal Impeller.Capacity 1000 CFM Pressure 30 mm Wg

Exhaust Assembly        

By Motor of ¼ HP, Single Phase1440 RPM Motor, Directly Coupled With A Aluminum  Impeller.Capacity -300 CFM, Ducting By PVC Pipe With 1 No ¼ HP Motor Blower With Rain Guard-Dia –150 mm           

Ultra Violet Lamp           

3 Feet, 30 Watt – Philips/Osram Make


4 Feet 40 Watt-With Diffusers

Standard Accessories     

Pressure Manometer, Additional Power Point Gas Inlet Nozzle, And Floor Leveling Screws, Wire Chord

Power Supply                  

 220 V, Single Phase, 50 Hz

Working Area                 

W    900 x D 600 x H 600mm
W  1200 x D 600 x H 600mm
W  1800 x D 600 x H 600mm

Biosafety Cabinet Principle

The biosafety cabinet working principle is generally to suck the air in the biological safety cabinet outward to keep the biosafety cabinet in a negative pressure state, and to protect the staff through vertical airflow. The outside air is filtered by an air filter (high-efficiency particulate air filter, HEPA filter) and then enters the biosafety cabinet to prevent contamination of the processed samples. The air in the biological safety cabinet also needs to be filtered by a HEPA filter before being discharged into the atmosphere to protect the environment.

Uses of Biosafety Cabinet 

Biological Safety Cabinets cabinets are highly efficient in containing unwanted, dangerous and infectious agents. There is always an opportunity for the viruses and similar agents spreading into the environment during testing and research. These are kept unde control using HEPA filters, Sterilization via Ultra Violet germicidal tube, a prefilter and an effective exhaust filter. There are three main types of protection that a biosafety cabinet offers.


1. Personal Protection: With 0% chances of the vapors escaping out of the biosafety cabinet, the working peronnel is safe from all harms.
2. Product Protection: The cabinet can be closed and the changes in product can be observed via a glass cabinet. Within an enclosed environment, the product is in a neutral environment offering best results.
3. Environmental Protection: Closed cabinets with HEPA filters and UV protection ensures sterilization of fumes before they are exhausted. Eliminating change of spreading of infectious fumes.

Biosafety Cabinet Maintenance
In order to take maximum use of a Biosafety cabinet and maintain operational integrity, proper maintenance is essential. A Biosafety operator must follow routine cleaning and inspection schedule. As chemicals are extensively used in these Biosafety Cabinets, filter saturation should be checked regularly, if need replace it immediately. Other minor check-ups should be done on regular basis such as air flow, surface cleaning, motor, and lighting and electrical switches etc.

Buy Customized Class II Biological Safety Cabinets
Accumax India is India's leading Biosafety cabinet company, which manufactures and supplies most reliable, durable and energy efficient Biosafety. These Biosafety Cabinets provide higher level of protection to operator, environment and samples. Our Biosafety Cabinets are available in 4 different sizes (3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6 ft), designed as ducted or recirculating type and provide unique safety features. There are various design options and accessories available in order to make a Biosafety Cabinet adaptable to almost every application. Each Biosafety Cabinet is factory tested and delivers full value for money, while remaining reasonable in price.

Market we cover

Accumax India is a leading Biosafety cabinet manufacturers in India. Having factory based in Delhi, the company has been manufacturing customized Biosafety Cabinets Class 2 Type B2 and sell them at reasonable price throughout India and overseas market including African and Middle East countries. We have technicians, machinery and knowledge that makes us capable to serve you with your choice of Biosafety cabinet that may vary in dimensions, associated accessories and control points etc. Made of branded parts, these cabinets are highly effective to maintain maximum level of safety; hence, considered a necessary part of any research purpose.


Get Biosafety Cabinet Cost/price

Accumax India as a leading Biosafety Cabinet manufacturers has been manufacturing Class 2 Biosafety Cabinets in India for over 25 years.In case you have a customized requirements, please fill up the contact form or call us,our team will get in touch and provide assistance pertaining to your queries and doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions:


1.What is the cost of biosafety cabinet in India?

The cost of Biosafety Cabinet will depend on its size.Accumax India customize these cabinets according to the customers need.

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