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Fume Hood manufacturers in Bangalore

Fume Hood manufacturers in Bangalore

Accumax India (best clean air equipment manufacturer) stands for the protection of the environment, working personnel, and the protection of the integrity of the samples. Fume Hood is one such product of ours which contributes to the same. This particular exposure maintainer in any controlled room is crucial because it protects one from toxic fumes of various chemicals. Accumax India fume hoods are designed to work with both standard and low flow of fumes. We specialize in manufacturing fume hoods as Laboratory Fume Hood manufacturers.Fume hoods are a major method of exposure control in the laboratory. A fume hood is a ventilated enclosure that usually vents separately from the building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system and not recirculated into the building. Fume hoods should be used when working with toxic compounds or compounds with a boiling point below 120°C. Fume hoods, or other effective local ventilation, must be provided and used when the materials used will exceed exposure limits in the laboratory.

What is a fume hood?
A fume hood, also referred to as an exhaust hood, is essentially a critical piece of equipment enclosing five sides of a work area, and allows for users to work on potentially hazardous materials.
  • The principle functions of a fume hood are:
  • Protection for the user/personnel against toxic fumes and particulates
  • Protection against the experiment or application by recirculating clean air back into the fume hood and removing the harmful contaminants
  • Protection against the environment by trapping the fumes, toxins and particulates into the filter, and leaving clean air to be released into the immediate area
  • Controlled environment for chemical reactions, fires, and spill containment


Usually,there are two main types of fume hoods manufactured by fume hood manufacturers in Bangalore that are utilized in the majority: ducted and ductless (or, recirculating) fume hoods. By concept, the principle functions for both fume hoods are the same; airflow is pulled in from the open side of the hood (typically the front), but then differ in concept by the ducted fume hood pushing air out of the building and the ductless fume hood dispersing through a filtration system and recirculating air back into the room.

Ducted fume hood
Ducted fume hoods are the standard for most commercial and industrial facilities and provides the maximum protection from dangerous fumes, vapors, and droplets. Ducted fume hoods are connected directly to a facility’s ventilation system, and a precisely controlled route is created to carry contaminated air away from the facility and out into the atmosphere.Ducted fume hoods draw conditioned air in through the front “sash” which opens either horizontally or vertically, depending on the design. Once drawn in, the air is pulled through the fume hood’s built-in ventilation system before releasing the air into the atmosphere.Ducted hoods are manufactured by fume hood manufacturers especially for chemically dangerous fumes and reducing the risk of cross-contamination in the lab.Ducted fume hoods provide the highest degree of protection, completely removing contaminated air from the facility.In addition,ducted fume hoods are low maintenance, and operate quietly since they utilize the facility’s existing ductwork.
If a lab does not already have ductwork designed to be hooked up to a fume hood, it may be expensive to have additional ductwork added. Here comes the need for laboratory fume hood manufacturers.Likewise,ducted fume hoods can increase heating and cooling costs, since they draw conditioned air away from the facility.

Ductless fume hood
Ductless fume hoods are not connected to a facility and are their own standalone ventilation system. Like ducted fume hoods, ductless fume hoods pull air in from the open front sash, drawing the air up and through a top-mounted fan built into the body of the fume hood.
The air is filtered through the fume hood’s own filters which remove contaminants before expelling the air back into the lab.
Ductless fume hoods can be outfitted with a variety of filter types, depending on which chemicals or substances are being used. Different filters remove different types of contaminants, so it is important to consult various fume hood manufacturers in Bangalore to understand what kind of filter is needed by you and your facility.
Though ductless fume hoods require a little more upkeep, ductless fume hoods are easy to install, affordable, and super easy to use.
Using a ductless rather than a ducted fume hood can help to make your facility more environmentally friendly since ductless fume hoods treat contaminated air rather than releasing it directly into the atmosphere. Ductless fume hoods can also be more affordable since ductwork is not required and the unit won’t interfere with air heating or cooling. Despite the environmental and economic benefits, ductless fume hoods may not be best for high-risk applications, since the air is returned to the lab rather than removed entirely.

Technical specifcations


MOC Galvanized Iron Powder Coated, Stainless Steel, Polypropylene.
Type Floor Standing Model / Table Top Model
Face Velocity 90 - 100 FPM /0.5 Mts. Per. Sec. (Average At 12" Sash Opening Fume Hood)
Air Volume 1000 CFM (Designed For Full Door Opening)
Air Flow type Standard
Cabinet Electro Galvanised Sheet With Epoxy Powder Coat Finish / Stainless Steel / Polypropylene With Smooth Finish.
Bottom Arrangements Cabinets, With Cupboard With One Horizontal Partition And Shutters. Cupboards Will Be Provided With Branded Locking Arrangements And Aesthetic Handles Finished With Epoxy Powder Coating.
Baffles Aerodynamic Shape Fully Made Of 3mm FRP.
Work Top Easy To Clean And Chemical And Heat Resistant Black Granite 18mm.
Sash (Shutter) Single, Vertical Sliding, Concealed Type Door. Balanced With Counter Weight, Sash Weights, Wire Etc., Provided With 5mm Thick Glass Window With Steel Frame.
Blower Type Blower Type
Powered by 1 HP 1440 RPM Single Phase.  Blower Is Sufficient For Maximum Distance Of 10 Mtrs. For Requirement More Than 10 Meters 3 HP Capacity Blower Is Required At Extra Cost.
Coupling Direct
Balancing Dynamically Balanced
Air Volume 1000 CFM
Static Pressure 2' W.G.
Casing Casing With FRP Lining
Impeller Fully Moulded PP Impeller
Exhaust Duct PVC/FRP Duct Pipe Of 200 mm Dia With Suitable Elbow For A Length Of 2 Meters, Will Be Supplied With The System. Will Include Exhaust Chimney With Weather Cowl, Bends Flanges, Brackets Etc. Additional Length Of Ducting Will Be Supplied At Extra Cost.
Electrical Arrangements 2 Nos. 15/5 Amps 3 Pin Socket Cum Control Switch.
1 No. Switch Button For Blower, 1 No. Illumination Switch. 1 No. Indicating Lamp.
Illumination By 4 Feet Tube Light.
Sink & Tap

Sink With Outlet Nipple Single Way / Three Way Swan Neck Tap Will Be Provided.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

1.What is the best material for a fume hood?
Polypropylene is no doubt the material of choice when constructing modern fume cupboards. It's corrosion-resistant, rust-free and stain-free in addition to being lightweight with excellent thermal insulation.

2.What is a good CFM for fume hood?

The recognized acceptable minimum volumetric rate (CFM) of air for fume hood exhaust is typically cited from National Fire Protection Association's NFPA 45 recommendation of 25 CFM per interior square foot of work area.


3.How many types of fume hoods are there?

There are three types of Fume Hood-Benchtop Fume Hood,Floor mounted Fume Hood,Double Faced Fume Hood.


4.What is the difference between ducted and recirculating fume hood?

Recirculating hoods are independent units that do not require an elaborate ductwork system, making them easier and quicker to install. They recycle the conditioned air within the laboratory, making them more energy-efficient than ducted fume hoods.


5.Who manufactures fume hood?

Fume Hood Manufacturers in India: Accumax India is a Delhi based India's one of the leading fume hood manufacturers and suppliers in India. Our Chemical fume hoods are CE & ISO certified. The standard sizes of our products are 4ft, 5 ft, 6 ft, 7ft and 8 ft.


6.Can you customize to meet our requirements?

Yes,one of the biggest advantage with Accumax India is customization.We customize all the orders according to the need of our clients.


7.Do you have engineers for installation?

Yes,Accumax India has professionally skilled engineers who assist during the installation and after sales services.


8.Do you deliver internationally?

Yes,we deliver our products globally.We already have reputed customers globally.