Mon Apr 25, 2022

Ducted chemical fume hood

Enhance your lab’s safety with Accumax India transparent ducted chemical hoods. They are available in several sizes and different materials with optional adjustable speed exhaust fan (480 CFM).

Ducted fume hoods (fume cupboards) are ventilated enclosures for storing or experimenting with potentially hazardous fumes, vapours & chemical powders.

They can be placed in laboratory setup that requires fume extraction and exterior exhaust. These exterior-venting exhaust hoods require ductwork and may be used for application involving with high volumes of volatile organics and heavy powder.

Benchtop Fume Hoods – Table Top Lab Fume Hoods

Accumax India offers an array of benchtop fume hoods to meet a wide range of laboratory and industrial applications. To know whether a fume hood is a right choice for your application, here is a breakdown of what fume hoods are and types we manufacture.

Benchtop Fume hoods are constructed with multiple parts and components that work together to limit exposure. They are available in plastic such as Polycarbonate, PVC or Polypropylene and steel such as Stainless steel or galvanized steel. The main components of fume hood are the body and the sash. The body of the hood consists of a work surface enclosed on three sides and the sash acts like a panel that separates the user from the enclosed environment. Also, some types of fume hoods feature airfoils to ensure optimal ventilation; and exhaust collars that fit easily into your existing HVAC system for easy installation.


Ductless fume hood vs ducted

Ducted fume hoods can be filtered or unfiltered depending on the design and application. Ductless fume hoods contain filters which clean contaminated air and recirculate it directly back into the laboratory. No additional ductwork is required to exhaust air to the outside.


Leading Fume Hood manufacturer

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