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Air Shower Clean Room manufacturer

Air Shower Clean Room manufacturer
Cleanrooms must comply with strict regulatory guidelines to avoid contamination. Even small particles of lint or debris can create problems in many cleanroom settings. Using high-velocity jets of air and HEPA or ULPA air filter systems, our cleanroom air showers remove loose contaminants from people and products before they enter the cleanroom, reducing or eliminating product defects for increased yields. Cleanroom air showers are an important tool for ensuring the sanitation of cleanrooms and other environments that require high levels of cleanliness 
How Do Cleanroom Air Showers Work?
Our standard cleanroom air showers are self-contained air recirculation systems specially designed for installation at clean room entry points. These phone booth-like entry systems use high-velocity air to decontaminate personnel, equipment, and supplies as they enter the cleanroom.
As workers enter the air shower, the entry door closes, and powerful jets of HEPA-filtered air blow over the worker from several adjustable, precisely-placed nozzles. These high-velocity air streams blast contaminants large and small from the worker’s cleanroom garments. Once the cycle is complete, the exit door of the self-cleaning air shower opens, and the worker moves on into the cleanroom itself.
The typical cycle completion for our cleanroom air showers is 20 seconds. Microprocessor controls allow fast and easy on-site adjustment of cycle times and other critical functions. 
Air shower Specifications
1 Dimensions WxDxH :  900x1000x2000 mm (Inner Area)
WxDxH: 1400x1075x2150 mm (Outer Area) Or Customized
2 MOC Galvanized Iron Powder Coated / Stainless Steel 304
3 Blower Assembly

Dynamically And Statically Balanced Motors And Blowers


4 Motor Make Eyaani
5 Nozzles Made Of Stainless Steel Rotating And Adjustable Fixed Either Side Of Wall And Top Ceiling Velocity 70 Meters/Sec
6 Blower CFM 25-30 Meters/Sec
7 Face Velocity 20-22 Meters/Sec (3937-4330 FPM)
8 Air Flow 20-22 Meters/Sec (3937-4330 FPM)
9 Class 10000
10 Interlocking of Doors Interlocking Facility Of Doors, One Door Lock Automatically When Other Is Opened With Electromagnetic Lock, With Timer Setting
11 Flooring Aluminium Checker Sheet Anti Skid Or Stainless Steel
12 Door Frame Made Of Stainless Steel / Galvanized Iron Powder Coated Interlocking Facility, Half Toughened Glass
13 Hingle, handle Make Harrison/Godrej Or Equivalent
14 Light LED
15 Prefilter Washable Prefilter Down To 10 Microns, Particulate At An Efficiency Of 90% Duly Tested
16 Hepa Filters With 0.3 Microns Particulate Of 99.978% Efficiency And DOP Tested, Frame Of Aluminium, Microfiber Glass Media Epoxy Sealed, Non Washable
17 Operations Automatic Actuation Operation And Adjustable Timer Trough Microprocessor Based Controller
18 Noise Level Less Than 75 Db
19 Safety Emergency Switch In Chamber
20 Electric Supply Work On 220v AC 1 Phase Or 3 Phase (To Specify)


Inner Size: (W X D X H)

  • 900 x 1000 x 2000mm (2 Persons)
  • 900 x 1500 x 2000mm (3 Persons)
  • 900 x 2000 x 2000mm (4 Persons)
  • 900 x 2500 x 2000mm (5 Persons)
  • 900 x 3000 x 2000mm (6 Persons)
  • 900 x 3500 x 2000mm (7 Persons)
  • 900 x 4000 x 2000mm (8 Persons)
  • 900 x 4500 x 2000mm (9 Persons)
  • 900 x 5000 x 2000mm (10 Persons)
Benefits of Decontamination Air Showers
Air showers are important to maintaining a controlled and contaminant-free cleanroom environment. At Accumax India, we manufacture top-of-the-line cleanroom air showers engineered to perform at the highest industrial standards. Air showers provide many benefits for industrial cleanrooms, including:
Air showers prevent contamination that could affect the quality of products and equipment
Modular cleanroom air showers help reduce the need for cleanroom maintenance due to lower contamination load
Our air showers are energy efficient
Air showers limit particle buildup, which improves the life of HEPA and ULPA filters
Air showers provide cost-effective contamination control technology
Choosing the Best Cleanroom Air Shower for Your Application 
Several factors help determine which cleanroom air showers are best for each application. If you’re uncertain which cleanroom air showers are best for your requirements, contact us, and our team will gladly assist you. You can also view our air shower FAQs to learn more. When determining which cleanroom air shower would be best for your application, consider the following factors:
The air shower should be modular to allow for easy configuration/reconfiguration, shipment, and assembly
Outer shell of the air shower should be constructed of stainless or painted steel
The blower system must provide high volumes of air at high velocity to effectively decontaminate personnel, equipment, etc.
Clean room air showers should have a high number of air nozzles; nozzles should be adjustable
The unit should include a magnetic door interlock system with appropriate controls
Custom Air Showers in Countless Configurations
At Accumax India, we can build customized cleanroom air showers to match nearly any specification. All custom air showers from Accumax India are constructed from durable, cold-rolled steel shells sealed with low-gassing epoxy or urethane sealant. The doors are hydraulically operated with magnetic locks and feature safety glass with an anodized aluminum door frame. Contact Accumax India to learn how our cleanroom air showers can be implemented into your unique space.
Modular Cleanroom Air Showers
Our modular cleanroom air showers are made from durable, heavy gauge painted steel construction and feature high-velocity air filter systems for fast, efficient cleaning. Modular features for cleanroom air showers include:
Magnetic interlocks secure the entry and exit points
LED lighting offers increased visibility in low-light environments
Standard-size HEPA filters and prefilters are installed for zero-leak, negative pressure reliability seals and
silicone-free urethane sealant to ensure a tight seal throughout the cleanroom air shower
Microprocessor-controlled cycle times and touchscreen controls that make our air showers easy to use
When maintenance is required, the inspection panels provide fast and easy service access
Low Profile Air Showers
Low-profile cleanroom air showers are enclosed chambers strategically placed at a cleanroom’s entry and exit points to remove loose contaminants from people and products before they enter the cleanroom. The low-profile design provides sleek entrance and exit points shorter than standard air showers, ideal for rooms with low ceilings. Like standard air showers, low-profile air showers utilize high-velocity jets of air and HEPA or ULPA air filter systems to reduce or eliminate particles and contaminants before entering or exiting a cleanroom environment.
Cleanroom Air Shower Tunnels
Cleanroom air showers can be combined to create self-cleaning air shower tunnels for environments where two or more cleanrooms are utilized. Cleanroom air shower tunnels effectively remove particles as personnel and products travel between cleanrooms, significantly reducing the risk of contamination between work areas with different ISO ratings. Up to five cleanroom air showers can be combined based on your requirements. Learn more and view the specifications by clicking on the product links below.
2-Unit Tunnel Cleanroom Air Showers
3-Unit Tunnel Cleanroom Air Showers
4-Unit Tunnel Cleanroom Air Showers
5-Unit Tunnel Cleanroom Air Showers

Accumax India is your source for Modular Clean Room Air Showers

As a trusted cleanroom air shower manufacturer,Accumax India offers the industry’s best customization options.Accumax India designs and manufactures a full line of standard and custom air showers.

Located in Delhi, Accumax India supplies customers nationwide with premium cleanroom resources. Our cleanroom air showers combine high-quality, all-metal construction with high performance, custom options, and versatile configurations. Accumax India design advantage makes these cleanroom air showers easy to install and maintain. Our Industrial Air Showers deliver maximum efficiency and value for your cleanroom or other controlled environments.