Thu Jul 07, 2022

Portable clean room booth


Dispensing/Sampling Booth offered by Accumax India provides a safe, HEPA Filtered environment, for the dispensing of hazardous drug powders. Air is pulled away from user thru rear-wall pre-filters, trapping powders; recirculating air through ceiling mounted high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter rated 99.99% efficient at 0.3 microns.) protects the operators from toxic chemicals / raw materials used for manufacturing of tablets, medicines, capsules etc from external contamination during the process of weighing or measuring. It is ideal where a high degree of flexibility is desired. Containment is achieved by air movement. The product also known as Pharmaceutical Sampling Booth and Pharmaceutical Dispensing Booth.

We make dispensing booth for pharma industry. Our team carefully designs dispensing booth units according to user provided specifications and the job is completed with construction in our factory then installation, commissioning and validation at client site. Also known as sampling booth or weighing booth, these units are made requirements of pharmaceutical and biotech companies in mind. Before dispatch, each unit is tested in-house at various parameters. If you are looking for such units, please email us your query, we will provide you precise price quotation with all important details.

Dispensing/Sampling Booth working principle

Downward Forced air of sampling booth extracts at low level into the booths cleanliness filtration system where contaminated particles recirculated into the booth Air Flow.  In standard Working condition of Pharmaceutical dispensing booth air pulled through the main chamber to steel exhaust grills used to fasten the HEPA & PRE-filters fitted in the rear side of the booths, It suppresses airborne dust particles away from the uses breathing area.


Dispensing booth specifications



Stainless Steel 304 Grade


Working Area

1800x900x1800mm Or Customized



Triple Stage Filtration



Washable Prefilter Down To 10 Microns, Particulate Efficiency Of 90%Down To 10 Micron



Media Glass Fiber Efficiency 99.99% Particle Retention 0.3 Microns


Intermediate Filter

95% Down To 5 Micron


Air Flow

Recirculating Laminar Vertical Air Flow


Cleanliness Level

Class 100


Motor Blower

Dynamically Balanced ¼ HP Motor



LED, UV Tube, Magnahelic Gauge, DOP Port, On-Off Switch


Noise Level

65 Decibels ± 5%



Anti-Static PVC Curtains



DQ , IQ , OQ & PQ Optional


Electric Supply

Work On 220 V AC, 1 Phase



Market we cover


Maximize your production efficiency with clean room equipment! We are a Dispensing/Booth manufacturers company based in India and have a long successful experience in designing, manufacturing and installing such equipment all over India. Here at Accumax India, we are presenting Dispensing Booth equipment. Dispensing Booths are custom designed, rugged, made of high grade stainless steel and can be installed in a number of ways, depending on the wall or door that will support them. These Sampling/Dispensing Booths are supplied in pharmaceutical, semiconductor and food industries to meet the most demanding controlled environment conditions. Dispensing Booth is also called as a Reverse Laminar air flow. Get high quality Reverse Laminar air flow catalogue, specifications and price from Accumax India.