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laminar air flow in pharmaceutical industry

Cleanrooms offer clean environments for the manufacturing of sensitive products. Diverse industries use these enclosed spaces to control certain environmental parameters, such as humidity, pressure, and temperature, that could compromise biologically or mechanically sensitive products.

Since 1995, Accumax India has specialized in manufacturing and distributing high quality cleanroom and contamination control equipment, supplies and accessories, making us an industry leader and one stop shop for cleanroom solutions. Our expert team understands the importance of functional cleanrooms; therefore, we offer a wide range of customizable products, such as laminar air flow equipment, to suit your critical environment needs.


What is Laminar Air Flow?


Laminar airflow involves the manipulation of air to force it to move in uniform velocities and directions. This is done through the use of laminar air flow hoods which utilize HEPA filters to clean all air entering the environment. This process ensures parallel, unidirectional airflow which minimizes crossovers of airstream and reduces particle contamination.

The type of cleanroom airflow used depends on factors such as cleanliness needs, size of facility, amount of personnel, amount of entries and exits, and quality of cleanroom garb.

Laminar flow is a type of airflow that is most effective in limiting contamination as it forces air to move in uniform directions and speeds to direct contaminants out of the space.


Benches and Hoods from Accumax India


Laminar flow hoods also called clean benches can be vertical, horizontal or fume hoods. These styles of benches and hoods filter and direct air flow within a confined space, and are used in laboratories and cleanrooms. They function by drawing air in and passing it through one or more HEPA filters before exhausting it across a work surface in a steady, uniform velocity. These systems are used broadly by medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and other industries requiring clean air working environments.

There are several variations and classifications of laminar airflow equipment that offer different levels of protection for operators and products. Some of these include:

  • Horizontal Laminar Flow-  Clean benches are  used to provide a particulate-free workspace for the product or application. A continuous wash of HEPA filtered air moving horizontally across the work area. Horizontal flow units are appropriate when the product and process at the work surface must come first in line with the HEPA filtered clean air.  However, they do not offer protection to operators, making them ideal for use in areas with non-hazardous materials.
  • Vertical Laminar Flow –  Clean Benches supply a continuous wash of filtered air vertically(downward) from the HEPA filtered mounted above the unit. The uniform stream of HEPA filtered air moves downward to the work area.  Vertical flow units are appropriate when the process generates vapors, the work surface must be isolated;  both process and personnel must be protected from the powders, solvents and or chemicals.
  • Vertical Flow Fume Hoods – supply a continuous wash of filtered air vertically(downward) from the HEPA filtered mounted above the unit. The uniform stream of HEPA filtered air moves downward; air flowing down through a perforated work surface (normally stainless or polypro) and either recirculating through the blower unit or exhausting outside the bench.  Vertical fume hoods are appropriate with exhaust systems supplied by the customer) and should be used whenever irritants or noxious chemicals will be used in the work area.

    At Accumax India Industries, we offer the following equipment to suit the needs of cleanrooms:

  • Horizontal laminar flow hoods
  • Vertical laminar flow hoods
  • Fume hoods
  • Tabletop laminar flow hoods
  • Portable units
  • Various booths, modules, units, and equipment


Accumax India for your Laminar Flow equipment needs

Specialized laminar flow equipment is used in a diverse range of industries to maintain cleanliness and prevent particle contamination in cleanrooms for the protection of products and operators. For more information on the role of laminar flow equipment in cleanrooms and to learn about our products, contact us today.