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Fume Hood manufacturers in Chennai

Fume Hood manufacturers in Chennai

Accumax India is a pioneering force in the realm of laboratory safety with its cutting-edge Laboratory Fume Hoods. These meticulously designed hoods ensure the highest standards of protection by efficiently extracting and removing hazardous fumes, vapors, and airborne contaminants. Our commitment to excellence is reflected not only in the impeccable performance of our Fume Hoods but also in the affordable Fume Exhaust Hoods price, making them accessible without compromising on quality. As one of the leading Fume Exhaust Hoods manufacturers in India,Accumax India prioritizes the well-being of laboratory personnel and the environment. Our state-of-the-art products serve as a testament to our dedication to providing innovative solutions for a safer and healthier working environment.
Our Fume Hoods stand out as a symbol of reliability and excellence in the industry. Our Fume Exhaust Hoods are crafted with precision to meet the specific demands of laboratories, ensuring the utmost safety and cleanliness. The competitive Fume Exhaust Hoods price sets us apart, making advanced laboratory safety accessible to a wide range of institutions. As trusted Fume Exhaust Hoods manufacturers in Chennai, Accumax India combines quality craftsmanship with cost-effectiveness, delivering solutions that safeguard both personnel and experiments. With a focus on clean air and uncompromised safety,We continue to be a leading force in the domain of laboratory equipment, setting the benchmark for innovation and performance.
Available in FRP-GP construction with epoxy coated finish, GI construction with PU coated finish, PP construction, Wood melamine and stainless Steel.

Fume Exhaust Hoods Price & Special Features:

  • Work surface made of polished granite or glazed ceramic tiles.

  • Counter balanced front sash with toughened glass view panels.

  • Available with wide range of accessories such as sink, water inlet & outlet, gas/air/vacuum pet cocks, power points, optional FLP fittings under bench cup-board etc.

Why us?

Accumax India has its own manufacturing unit based in Delhi.We customize Fume Hood cabinets according to the need of our client and they are available in different dimensions with us.Often known as Chemical Fume Hood,these fume hoods also dilute effect on flammable gases and vapors.Our product range includes Ductless Fume Hood, Table Top Fume Hood, Canopy Fume Hood, Polypropylene Fume Hood.These are designed with number of optional features and specifications required to meet critical challenges in research areas worldwide.Buy high quality fume hood from Accumax India with excellent warranty terms.




MOC Galvanized Iron Powder Coated, Stainless Steel, Polypropylene.
Type Floor Standing Model / Table Top Model
Face Velocity 90 - 100 FPM /0.5 Mts. Per. Sec. (Average At 12" Sash Opening Fume Hood)
Air Volume 1000 CFM (Designed For Full Door Opening)
Air Flow type Standard
Cabinet Electro Galvanised Sheet With Epoxy Powder Coat Finish / Stainless Steel / Polypropylene With Smooth Finish.
Bottom Arrangements Cabinets, With Cupboard With One Horizontal Partition And Shutters. Cupboards Will Be Provided With Branded Locking Arrangements And Aesthetic Handles Finished With Epoxy Powder Coating.
Baffles Aerodynamic Shape Fully Made Of 3mm FRP.
Work Top Easy To Clean And Chemical And Heat Resistant Black Granite 18mm.
Sash (Shutter) Single, Vertical Sliding, Concealed Type Door. Balanced With Counter Weight, Sash Weights, Wire Etc., Provided With 5mm Thick Glass Window With Steel Frame.
Blower Type Blower Type
Powered by 1 HP 1440 RPM Single Phase.  Blower Is Sufficient For Maximum Distance Of 10 Mtrs. For Requirement More Than 10 Meters 3 HP Capacity Blower Is Required At Extra Cost.
Coupling Direct
Balancing Dynamically Balanced
Air Volume 1000 CFM
Static Pressure 2' W.G.
Casing Casing With FRP Lining
Impeller Fully Moulded PP Impeller
Exhaust Duct PVC/FRP Duct Pipe Of 200 mm Dia With Suitable Elbow For A Length Of 2 Meters, Will Be Supplied With The System. Will Include Exhaust Chimney With Weather Cowl, Bends Flanges, Brackets Etc. Additional Length Of Ducting Will Be Supplied At Extra Cost.
Electrical Arrangements 2 Nos. 15/5 Amps 3 Pin Socket Cum Control Switch.
1 No. Switch Button For Blower, 1 No. Illumination Switch. 1 No. Indicating Lamp.
Illumination By 4 Feet Tube Light.
Sink & Tap

Sink With Outlet Nipple Single Way / Three Way Swan Neck Tap Will Be Provided.