Thu May 25, 2023

Fume Hood chamber

What is a Fume Hood?

Fume Hood is an enclosure which is used to remove fumes and air borne particles at the contamination source. It is a kind of fume ventilation system whose major task  is to remove smoke, dust mist and chemical fumes and restrict their entry into laboratory environment. A Fume Hood comprises of metallic sheet enclosure, steel or marble stone work bench, service fixture and electrical points. For fume exhaust, heavy duty blowers are fitted and remotely connected to the duct. Chemical fume hood, fume cupboard and fume closet are similar names of fume hood.

Fume Hood applications 

The core application of a Fume Hood is fume removal and also minimizing nuisance odours. It is used in an environment where some crucial tasks are performed such as solvent mixing, soldering and working with volatile organics, powder and flammable chemicals, different types of acids and low odour thresholds etc. and all these tasks generate hazardous fumes that are harmful not only for environment but also for operator and surrounding people. In this case a fume hood becomes important which sucks fumes and throws outside the working environment to maintain acceptable air quality aiming for enhancing safety of personnel as well as the environment.
We are Industrial fume hood Chamber manufacturers in India. Our fume hood systems meet ASHRAE standards and can withstand any type of acid exposure. Standard units are made in 2ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 8ft width with variety of construction options. We also manufacture fume hoods for Hydrofluoric and Perchloric acids at economical price in India.

Working Chamber 

Inner working chamber or area is the most important part of fume hood which remains in direct contact of fumes, acids and different types of chemicals. We make inner chamber walls of stainless steel (304 / 316) which is further coated with FRP layer if needed. The standard sizes of chamber are 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 8ft etc.

Work Bench 

The work bench of fume hood is either made of Stainless steel (grade 316) sheet or granite marble. If needed it is also coated with FRP layer for double protection.

External surface 

External surface is either made of powder coated GI sheet or stainless steel sheet. At the time of discussion, client has to confirm the material of construction to get precise price quotation.

Service Valves

Service valves are optional accessories; at added cost we can fit wet and dry service valves (brass needle valves) for raw water, nitrogen gas, air and vacuum.

Electrical Utilities 

To run the apparatus inside fume hood, we fit electrical sockets 2, 4 or 6 as required.


It is a glass window mechanism which is moved up and down using sash track. Sash track is a system made of weights and a pulley. Operator can easily move sash up or down and keep at desired height during work.


For suction in fume hood we provide centrifugal blower assemble made of direct drive motor of any branded make.

Chemical Storage Cabinet

At the bottom of Fume Hood we provide ventilated cabinet to store chemicals.

Custom Design

If you want to purchase fume hood from Accumax India for specific application or to use oversize apparatus in it, we can design the exact unit fitted with all useful accessories.