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Dynamic pass box manufacturers in india

Dynamic Pass Box / Pass through Box

Dynamic Pass Box Or Pass Through  Hatches Are Either Floor Mounted Or Wall Mounted. These Pass Box units Units can be made of Any Specific Size Or Design. The Clean Rooms Pass Box / Pass Through Hatches Range is Sturdy, Designed And Constructed In India.They Come In A Wide Range Of Models And, Because They Are Manufactured Locally, Any Size Variation Can Be Accommodated.Dynamic Pass Box has many features. Both Doors Are Electromechanically Interlocked, The Self-Closing Feature Eliminates Any Confusion That May Be Caused By One Door Being Left Open. These Units Are Built to Increase Efficiency While Retaining, Cross Contamination Integrity. The Pass Through Hatch Allow Cleaning Without Contaminating. With Illuminated Door Release And Power On Light, UV Light. Hepa Filter Air Self-Contained Re-circulating Blower Motor And Manometer / Magnahelic Gauge Are Feature Of Dynamic Pass Box.

Dynamic Pass Box Specifications


Stainless Steel 304 Grade


300x300x300mm,450x450x450mm,600x600x600mm Or Customized


With Electromagnetic Lock


Fitted With Tempered Glass


LED Light, UV Light, Electromagnet For Door Interlocking, Buzzer And Indicating Lamps

UV Lamp

Germicidal Activity

Hepa Filters

Having Efficiency Rating As High As 99.99% Thus Retaining All Air-Home Borne Particles Of Size 0.3 µ And Larger.


Manometer / Magnahelic Gauge

Blower Motor


Power Supply

Work On 220 / 230 Volts AC

Market we cover

Accumax India is a leading Pass Box manufacturer in India and all over the world.We cover not only India but also middle east countries.Here at Accumax India we are presenting Dynamic Pass Box.These Pass Boxes are rugged,designed,made of high grade stainless steel and can be installed in a number of ways,depending on the wall or door that will support them.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many Types of Pass Box are there?

There are two types of Pass Box.One is Static and the other is Dynamic Pass Box.Dynamic pass box is mainly installed between non controlled environment to a controlled environment.Static pass box is used to transfer products or materials between the same or clean environments.


What is Pass Box in Pharma?

UV Pass Box (with HEPA filters) LUP-A10 provides sterile air flow, is equipped with both side electrical interlocked doors, high quality glass window, and UV lamp. Made up of high quality 304 grade stainless steel and updated quality parts, it meets the demands of controlled clean room environment operations.


How does a Pass Box work?

A pass box, which is also called a transfer hatch or SAS pass (sterile access system), works as a barrier between areas with different levels of cleanliness when materials do have to be moved. The equipment is used to transfer material from an area of lower cleanliness to an area of higher cleanliness, and vice versa.


Is UV light required in dynamic pass box?

In sterile formulation facility it is recommended that discontinue use of UV light in Dynamic pass-box.

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