Thu Feb 01, 2024

Cleanroom garment storage cabinet price

Sterile Garment Cabinet manufacturer

Sterile Garment cabinets provide the premium solution to meet your garment storage needs while positively contributing to maintaining the cleanliness of your controlled clean room environment. Clean room garments can accumulate particulate contamination during storage and laundry washes, leading to lower product yields and increased product quality measures. These Sterile Garment cabinets are equipped with a blower and a HEPA filter in a fully contained enclosure constructed of powder-coated steel sheets, which will not shed particles or contaminate the environment of your clean room.They provide a solution for storing your cleanroom garments in a visible and organized manner, while at the same time removing particulate contamination from your garments as they are stored and removed.


  •  Equipped With HEPA Filters and Ultraviolet Germicidal Tubes
  • These Are Safe and ensures that the garments are free from bacterial contamination
  • Made with All Stainless Steel 304 Grade and fitted with perforated Storage Shelves Of Wire Mesh
  • Equipped With UV Germicidal Tubes
  • Comes with Fluorescent Tube, Hepa Filter, Prefilter, Motor Assembly, Manometer/Magnahelic Gauge
  • Door equipped with Glass View.


Technical specifications

1 MOC Stainless Steel 304 Grade or Galvanized Powder Coated
2 Outer       
Of The
Or Customized
WxDxH 1300x600x2400mm
3 Utility For Keeping Folded And Hanging Garments
4 CabinetTop Houses Easy-Access Hepa Filter/Blower Unit To Remove 99.99% Of All Contaminants 0.3 Microns & Larger
5 Air Flow Laminar
6 Illumination LED
7 Germicidal Activity U V Tube
8 Air Pressure Static Manometer / Magnahelic Gauge
9 Stand Levelling Screw
10 Electric Work On 220 v AC 1 Phase

Manufacturer of Garment Storage Cabinets in India

As a renowned manufacturer and supplier of garment storage cabinet, we have been offering a range of optional accessories along with garment storage cabinets. These accessories are added as per client's specifications and eventually increase their functionality. Some of these optional accessories include blower tripping alarm, filter blocked alarms, velocity displaying to alarm to name a few.

We motivate our clients to come forward and discuss their customized requirements with our technical team. We even accept bulk orders placed by industries and deliver them on time. So, keep all garments free from bacterial contamination by placing them in a  highly efficient and dependable garment storage cabinet purchased from Accumax India