Fri Jun 16, 2023

Benchtop Biosafety Cabinet

What is Biological Safety Cabinet BSC (Biosafety Cabinet)?
Devices that provide the environment needed when biological pollutants are released and / or sensitive work away from the effects of biological pollutants are called biological safety cabinets or biosafety cabinets. Contaminating particles often cause respiratory damage. Biological agents, that can hang in the air with the inhaled air, can spread to the human body by entering the lungs and from there into the bloodstream. In order to identify and prevent risks that may occur before or after working in the environment, or to minimize the likelihood of occurrence, safe working conditions for human health should be provided based on scientific methods. Sterile Cabinet is a device that enables all kinds of work done with biological agents (sowing, analysis, experiment etc.) in laboratory environments safely. Accumax India designs and manufactures biosafety cabinets in various models for a better working environment.

Biological Safety Cabinet Models

Biosafety cabinets are basically manufactured in 4 standards.
•  Clean Bench
•  Class I
•  Class II
•  Class III
Circulation fan motors, air inlets, outlets, lighting, filters etc. are located in the upper part. In the working area, there is a glass cover, gas fittings and worktop that vary depending on the model. In the control panels section, depending on the model, generally, electrical sockets, blower, sterilizer and lighting control switches etc. digital indicators are available.

How to Use Biological Safety Cabinet?

The Biosafety safety cabinet should be placed indoors where the traffic is the least, away from air conditioning systems, doors and windows. The biosafety cabinet should be made of water, moisture and chemical resistant material. The air extraction system in the biosafety cabinet must be capable of providing continuous airflow and can operate 24 hours a day. Electrical installations and equipment and mechanical installations and equipment must be isolated from each other. Electrical outlets and switches must be protected. Burners and heaters that can generate excessive heat can damage HEPA filters, so their use in the biosafety cabinet should be taken into consideration and Bunsen burners should not be opened too close to the filters. Preventing materials should not be in front of the suction grilles. Air suction and outlet grilles should  always be open. Security measures should be taken before working in the biosafety cabinet.
The cause of human error is often lack of information and carelessness. Despite all the precautions taken, an accident that may occur in the working environment should be taken into consideration and a first aid team should be available in the institution.

Choose Biosafety Cabinet from Accumax India 

Accumax India has been manufacturing Class 2 Biosafety Cabinet devices in India for over 25 years. In case you have customized requirements, please fill up the contact form or call us on the number shared below, our team will get in touch and provide assistance pertaining to your queries and doubts.